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Tips: Holding the same "Ticket No." can increase the total bonus, and holding different "Ticket No." will increase the probability of winning. No matter what the situation is, buy with the money you can afford, don't be desperate. As long as you hold the NFT, you have the opportunity to participate in the lottery in every round.(:◎)≡

Good luck to you! #know more

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  • Estimated floor total prize: {{current_data.price/2}} sol (≈{{(current_data.price/2/current_data.holderNumber).toFixed(2)}} sol * {{current_data.holderNumber}} holder)

In preparation,
the lottery date will be announced soon... #FAQ

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  • Current prize: {{current_data.price/2}} sol (≈{{(current_data.price/2/current_data.holderNumber).toFixed(2)}} sol * {{current_data.holderNumber}} holder)

waiting for "Luckly Ticket No." from mega millions.
Good luck to you!#FAQ

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  • Current prize: {{current_data.price/2}} sol (≈{{(current_data.price/2/current_data.holderNumber).toFixed(2)}}sol * {{current_data.holderNumber}}holder)


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  • Batch: {{currentBatchNumber}}
  • Total Prize: {{current_data.price/2}} sol (≈{{(current_data.price/2/current_data.holderNumber).toFixed(2)}}sol * {{current_data.holderNumber}}holder)

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